The World's Most Comfortable Seat

Sink into style, comfort, and peace of mind

Guaranteed to be the Best Seat in the House

A Sac may look like a beanbag, but they are so much more. Filled with a proprietary blend of recycled foam remnants called Durafoam™, and available in multiple sizes and Covers, Sacs are the closest you'll get to sitting on an actual cloud.

Luxury living room with a Wolf Phur Lovesav beanbag.Luxury living room with a Wolf Phur Lovesav beanbag.
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Keep your Sac clean with machine-washable Covers.

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Choose from multiple Covers to update your look.

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For Any Space

Six sizes available to fit any room in your home.

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Sacs come filled with our proprietary Durafoam blend – never beans or beads.

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60-Day Home Trial

Order with peace of mind. Total Comfort, or your money back.

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Guaranteed for Life

All Sac Inserts are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Dive Into Cloud-Like Comfort

We only use the highest-grade of recycled foam in our proprietary three-density Durafoam blend - never beans or beads. Soft foam compresses as you sit, giving you that sunk-in, snuggly feeling, while firm foam cradles and supports you, so the Sac holds its shape, even after hours of kicking back and relaxing.

Two men and a dog relaxing in a Lovesac beanbag.Two men and a dog relaxing in a Lovesac beanbag.

We've Got You Covered

Comfort comes in many fabrics, from our machine washable Phurs to our elegant velvets and custom prints. Whether it’s a cozy corner or that accent piece you’ve been searching for, we have 200+ Covers to choose from so your Sac always matches your tastes and style.

Relax and Toss it in the Wash

Spills and splats happen. That's why we use machine-washable fabrics for 150+ of our Sac Cover options. Simply unzip, remove, and toss your Cover in the wash. One gentle cycle later, you've got a fresh, clean Cover with no signs of shrinking, fading, or pilling.

Woman washing her Lovesac cover.Woman washing her Lovesac cover.

Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

With Sacs, we wanted to make something more than just The World's Most Comfortable Seat. We wanted to make sure that it remains the best seat in the house for years to come. That's why every Sac Insert comes backed with our Lifetime Guarantee and our 60-Day Home Trial.

Little boy jumping on a LoveSac beanbag.Little boy jumping on a LoveSac beanbag.

How Clouds Are Made

Sacs provide comfort for you, as well as our planet. From repurposed foam all the way to shipping Sacs at 1/8th their volume for maximum efficiency, Sacs are designed in a way that reduces our environmental impact.

A Sac for Every Space

With 6 sizes to choose from, there’s a Sac for every room and everyone in your family.

The BigOne Size ComparisonThe BigOne Size Comparison

The BigOne

95 lbs, approximately  6' wide and 4'1" high

SuperSac Size ComparisonSuperSac Size Comparison


75 lbs, approximately 5' wide and 3'10" high

MovieSac Size ComparisonMovieSac Size Comparison


45 lbs, approximately 4' wide and 3'7" high

PillowSac Size ComparisonPillowSac Size Comparison


36 lbs, approximately 4'6" wide and 6'3" long

CitySac Size ComparisonCitySac Size Comparison


35 lbs, approximately 3' wide and 3'3" high

GamerSac Size ComparisonGamerSac Size Comparison


22 lbs, approximately 2'6" wide and 2'8 high

No Matter Your Style, Sacs Feel Right at Home

Get inspired and find the perfect Sac for your space.


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