Imagine a Couch with Infinite Possibilities

Sactionals are built to last and designed to evolve, so they can always meet your needs and match your tastes.

One Couch. Changeable Styles. Endless Possibilities.

Moving homes or redecorating shouldn't mean getting a whole new couch. Sactionals adapt to your changing needs and evolving tastes. Swap the Covers, switch out the arms, and you've transformed the look of your Sactionals into something totally new.




Get Inspired to Create Your Dream Couch

From cozy corners to giant pits, the only limit is your imagination.

8 Seats + 10 Sides
Charcoal Grey Corded Velvet Covers

6 Seats + 8 Sides
Mediterranea Solid Polylinen Covers

7 Seats + 8 Sides
Grey Slub Tweed Covers

5 Seats + 5 Sides
Stone Solid Polylinen Covers

3 Seats + 5 Sides
Taupe Padded Velvet Covers

8 Seats + 10 Sides
Navy Twill Covers

4 Seats + 5 Sides
Sky Grey Corded Velvet Covers

3 Seats + 5 Sides
Texas Saloon Top Grain Leather Covers

See how our customers get creative with their Sactionals. Create your own by shopping Seats and Sides.

10 Seats + 11 Sides
Seashell Solid Polylinen Covers

4 Seats + 8 Sides
Tan Slub Tweed Covers

6 Seats + 7 Sides
Sky Grey Corded Velvet Covers

5 Seats + 6 Sides
Seashell Solid Polylinen Covers

7 Seats + 10 Sides
Charcoal Grey Corded Velvet Covers

6 Seats + 5 Sides
Tan Combed Chenille Covers

Several Machine-Washable Fabrics to Choose From

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*Minimum of $350 purchase required. Must be first-time purchase. This program is only available to United States residents.