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TOTAL COMFORT, GUARANTEED: Risk-Free 60-Day Home Trial

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Sactionals provide all-around comfort and peace of mind that other couches can't. Because they can adapt to most spaces and styles, and can forever look like new, Sactionals are a smart investment.


Countless configurations to fit every environment.


Choose from hundreds of Covers to update your look.


Break Sactionals down to easily move them anywhere.


Machine-washable Covers mean worry-free lounging.


Even if a Cover is damaged beyond repair, you can replace it.

Guaranteed for Life

All Sactionals Seats and Sides are guaranteed for life.


Product Details

The beauty of Sactionals lies in their flexibility—starting with just two pieces, a Seat and a Side, you can create anything you want. Each Seat is hand-built with sinuous springs and Italian webbing for a premium feel and a comfortable sit. The removable Covers—available in hundreds of fabrics—are hand-sewn with precision for a perfectly tailored look.

Learn how to set up and cover your Sactionals.

Each Seat Includes:
  • Seat Frame (35" W x 29" D x 18" H)
  • Seat Cushion (35" W x 29" D x 7.7" H)
  • Back Pillow (35" W x 2.9" D x 22.4" H)
  • Wood Shoes & Feet
  • Solid Steel Clamps
  • Protective Felt Pads

Each Side Includes:
  • Side Frame (35" W x 6" D x 28.5" H)
  • Wood Shoes & Feet
  • Solid Steel Clamps
  • Protective Felt Pads

Covers Include:
  • Seat Frame Covers
  • Back Pillow Covers
  • Seat Cushions Covers
  • Side Frame Covers