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Sacs | The original oversized sac

The most comfortable furniture on Earth.

And maybe beyond.

It’s a giant cloudlike pillow. It’s nirvana in cushy form. It’s, well, a thing you can lie on, lounge on, sit on, sleep on, stretch on, snooze on, roll around on and chill on. It really doesn’t matter what you call it. As long as you don’t call it a beanbag.

The most comfortable furniture on Earth

Comfort in every imaginable shape

Just try to be uncomfortable.

You can even assume positions on the Sac they don’t even have words for. Because every Sac gives you maximum comfort in every dimension. Made from premium, shredded Durafoam, your Sac sits there and says, “Fall in and relax, your troubles are over.”

Machine washable cover

Eat, drink, be merry -- and do anything else you can think of to do on it.

Live, eat, sleep or spill all over it. Your Sac will just laugh. All you do is unzip the incredibly durable, stain resistant cover and throw it in the washing machine. Then start over.

Change the look instantly

It’s as easy as changing the cover.

By simply changing the cover, which takes minutes, you can change the look of your Sac effortlessly and instantly. Just zip on a new cover whenever the seasons change. Or your décor changes. Or your mood. Or your wallpaper. Or your clothing…

Guaranteed for 2 lifetimes.

Yes, your heirs may fight over it.

The materials inside your Sac are guaranteed never to go flat, break or tear. Period. This is a promise only Lovesac can make. So we hope you like your Sac. It’s going to be around for a while.

Easy to move

Have Sac, will travel.

With comfort like this, you’ll be tempted to take your Sac wherever you go. Luckily, that’s easy. Just use our Shrink Kit and your vacuum to put your Sac back in its original travel bag. It will ride quietly in the back of your car. Unlike some young people you may know.

Full range of sizes

How much comfort do you want?

Sacs range from the Gamersac at 3 feet in diameter to The BigOne at an extraordinary 8 feet in diameter. So sheer comfort comes in 6 different sizes. Choose the one for you. And let gravity and your Sac do the rest.