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Sactionals:The World's Most Adaptable Couch™

Washable, changeable, rearrangeable – Sactionals evolve with you so they always meet your needs.


One Seat, One Side, Endless Possibilities

Sactionals are a modular platform that's guaranteed to last a lifetime. With these two pieces, you have the foundation of a couch that can grow, change, and evolve along with you.

The Seat + The Side

Sactionals arrange and rearrange forever.

  • The hard Inserts of each Sactionals Seat and Side, as well as Feet, Shoes, and Clamps, are guaranteed for life.
  • Seats and Sides can be rearranged from one configuration to another in minutes.
  • Remove and change Covers with ease.
  • 150+ of our Covers are machine-washable and won’t shrink, fade, or pill.

How Things Connect

Sactionals patented hardware connects your Seats and Sides tool-free. Shoes and Feet are made with durable hardwood and the U-shaped Clamp is engineered with quarter-inch-thick steel. They all connect precisely and securely so you never have to worry about pieces coming apart.

The Clamp, The Foot, The Shoe


Rearrangeable Leather Sactionals
  • Sactionals are made up of rearrangeable Seats and Sides, which easily configure so it always fits almost any space and any size.
  • Use the same pieces and switch things up for any occasion—parties, overnight guests, or on a whim.
  • Their patented design and interlocking connection system makes rearranging stress-free and tool-free.
  • Sactionals lock together firmly with a steel clamp, so you’ll never have to worry about pieces slipping, sliding, or separating.
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  • We offer 150+ machine-washable fabrics.
  • Sactionals are designed to handle anything life throws your way, including spills. Just toss the Covers in the wash.
  • Washable Covers mean your couch stays fresh, clean, and looking forever new.
  • Covers are hand-sewn and have a high polyester content to ensure durability, washability, and a soft feel. They won’t shrink, fade, or pill.
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Washable Covers


  • The hard Inserts of each Sactionals Seat and Side, as well as Feet, Shoes, and Clamps, are guaranteed for life.
  • Forget what you know about modular furniture—ours isn’t flimsy and cannot slide apart.
  • Our patented interlocking system of Feet, Shoes, and Clamps, makes Sactionals exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Seats and Sides are constructed with plywood on all key surfaces to extend the life of modular pieces.
  • Sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing are stretched across Seat Frames to guarantee the longevity of our Sactionals’ soft sit.
  • Sides are sturdy and used interchangeably as armrests or backs.
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Guaranteed for Life & Living

When we say guaranteed for life, we mean it. Every Sactionals piece is hand-built to last a lifetime and our hand-sewn covers are replaceable, just in case. Our machine washable fabrics are specially chosen to resist damage, even after multiple washes. Sactionals are the ultimate up-for-anything couch designed for everyday life.

M Lounger, Guaranteed for Life


  • Lovesac takes softness seriously.
  • Our Seat Cushions are two layers of soft and comfortable high-density polyurethane foam with a third foam core between them to prevent sagging.
  • Foam cushions are fiber-wrapped and upholstered in fabric made 100% from recycled plastic bottles.
  • A Back Pillow is included with each Seat and is designed to retain its lofty shape over years of use.
  • Our three premium fills allow you to customize the feel to your liking.
Three Premium Fills
Standard Foam
Down Blend


Sactionals Changeable Covers
  • Covers are easy to remove and change.
  • With 250+ fabrics to choose from, you can update your look anytime.
  • Try a new color or fabric for different seasons and occasions.
  • Once your hand-sewn Covers are on, easy to use Velcro® strips hold them perfectly in place for a flawless, tight, upholstered look. No shifting or slipping.
  • Accidents happen. Clumsy friends or clawing cats don’t mean you have to buy a whole new couch because individual Covers are replaceable.
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  • Our patented interlocking design makes it easy to expand your Sactionals.
  • Change it from a two-seater to a ten-seater in minutes. No tools necessary.
  • On a budget? Buy part of your couch now and more pieces later.
  • Moving to a bigger place? Sactionals are easy to move, or, buy more pieces when you’re settled and build bigger configurations.
  • We’ve got room to grow! Sactionals are designed to adapt and expand as your family grows.
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2 Seats + 4 Sides expand to 8 Seats + 10 Sides
  • 9 Seats + 9 Sides with Slate Twill Covers
  • 6 Seats + 8 Sides with Mediterranea Solid Polylinen Covers
  • 7 Seats + 8 Sides with Grey Slub Tweed Covers
  • 8 Seats + 10 Sides with Navy Twill Covers
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