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TOTAL COMFORT, GUARANTEED: Risk-Free 60-Day Home Trial

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Sacs may look like a beanbag, but they are so much more. Filled with proprietary Durafoam, and available in multiple size and covers, Sacs are the closest you'll get to sitting on an actual cloud.

Cloudlike Comfort

A seat so comfortable, it's like sitting in a cloud.

Fits Your Style

Choose from a variety of Covers to update your look.

For Any Space

Six sizes available to fit any room in your home.


Sacs come filled with proprietary Durafoam blend - never beans or beads.

Washable Covers

Don't worry about spills with fully machine-washable Covers.

Guaranteed for Life

Enjoy worry-free lounging. All Sac Inserts are guaranteed for life.


Product Details

The Moviesac

When you want room to spread out in your Sac, but don't want your Sac to take up the whole room, the Moviesac is your friend. As its name indicates, it's an ideal snuggle station for watching your favorite rom-com, as it fits two people who like to stay close, but our customers tell us that they also love the Moviesac for reading, gaming and even napping. The super-soft filling is made of premium, shredded Durafoam. Unlike bead-filled bags, it absorbs your body weight evenly and doesn't compress over time, but stays airy and supple like a sit-able cloud.

This Moviesac Insert can be used with any of our changeable, washable covers. Shop for Moviesac covers here!

Learn how to fluff your Sac insert.

    What's Included:

  • Moviesac Insert
  • Premium Moviesac Duffel Bag


  • Approximately 4' wide and 3'7" high
  • 45 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
  • Package measurements: 35" x 17" x 20" (Duffel measurement considers shrunken Sac inside of duffel showing natural bulge).
  • Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/8th its original volume
  • Changeable, washable covers available in hundreds of fabrics
  • Designed to seat 2+ adults

    Lifetime Guarantee

  • Lovesac is the only major furniture company that stands behind their products with a Lifetime Guarantee. For full warranty details, please click here.