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Extra Large Sac Shrink Kit

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Product Information

• Compress Your Sac for Easy Moving
• Extra Large Duffle (The BigOne) - 59" x 24" x 24"

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Product Details

The Sac Shrink Kit

Moving to a new home? Don't leave your Sac behind! The Lovesac Shrink Kit allows you to compress your Sac into a neat, movable package. The Extra Large Shrink Kit is designed for use with the BigOne, and measures 59" x 24" x 24". Best results are achieved when your shrink kit is used with a shop vac. Watch the demo video here.

    The Shrink Kit Includes:

  • One giant duffel bag
  • Three giant plastic bags
  • One set of instructions

    Have a Shrink Kit but forgot how to use it? Follow these steps:

  • Place your Sac in the middle of a plastic bag and gather the excess plastic together.
  • Put a vacuum hose in the middle of the Sac and hold the plastic around the hose as tightly as you can. We strongly recommend using a shop-vac instead of a standard household vacuum.
  • Turn on the vacuum. While it’s sucking air out of the Sac, gently lie on top of the Sac to help it flatten. We only recommend lying on the Sac if you’re using a shop-vac.
  • Once it’s halfway done, flip the Sac and lie on it again.
  • The idea is to shrink the Sac to fit in a duffel that’s one size larger than the Sac was originally delivered in. Shape the Durafoam® as it shrinks down to fit the duffel.
  • Keep flipping the Sac and repeat the process until it’s completely compressed.
  • Once the Sac has the air out of it, put it in the duffel bag. Keep the shop vac on so the Durafoam® doesn’t expand too quickly.
  • Pull the duffel shut and zip it closed, removing the vacuum hose when you can.
  • Be careful not to break the duffel zipper while doing this. You have to pull the duffel bag closed first, align the zippers, and then zip it closed.


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