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Citysac Cinch Cover

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Product Information

• Durable, Water-Resistant Fabric (100% Nylon)
• Helps Shrink Down Your Sac
• Great for Outdoor Use
• Makes the Sac Easily Transportable

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Product Details

Citysac / Pillowsac Cinch Cover

The Cinch Cover is our simple solution to making your Sac a heck of a lot more movable. Made from a sturdy nylon, the Cinch covers any sized Sac and shrinks it down to a fraction of the size. Use it when transporting your Sac anywhere, whether it be to a friend's house on movie night or tucked in the corner of a moving truck. The Cinch Cover also doubles as a simple storing solution: just place the Sac into the Cinch Cover, zip it up, and cinch it tight with 3 adjustable straps—it's a cinch!

This Cinch Cover is designed for both the Citysac and Pillowsac.

Please note: The Cinch Cover is not designed to be shipped via FedEx or in the mail.


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