Holiday Deadlines for Custom Orders

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and increasingly high shipping volumes, our carrier partners are experiencing delays.  We recommend ordering as early as possible. Please use the chart below to find the order deadline for each custom fabric. For orders with Custom Covers, only orders placed by the dates below can be guaranteed for delivery by 12/24.

Orders of Custom Covers for Outdoor Sactionals are not guaranteed delivery by 12/24. 

ORDER BY 11/8 ORDER BY 11/23
Caramel Guanaco Top Grain Leather Amethyst Canvas
Dark Brown Guanaco Top Grain Leather Apple Ultra Velvet
Dove Saloon Top Grain Leather Artic Recycled Faux Linen
Gray Saloon Top Grain Leather Ash Ultra Velvet
Marlin Saloon Top  Grain Leather Atomic Paisley Polylinen
Mushroom Saloon Top Grain Leather Aubergine Micro Velvet
Sangria Guanaco Top Grain Leather Auburn Solid Standard Leather
Texas Saloon Top Grain Leather Azure Solid Polylinen
West Guanaco Top Grain Leather Berry Micro Velvet
 Whiskey Saloon Top Grain Leather Berry Padded Velvet
  Birch Denim
  Bittersweet Micro Velvet
  Bittersweet Solid Microsuede
  Black Lux Chenille
  Black Mamba Phur
  Black Solid Faux Leather
  Black Solid Microsuede
  Black Solid Polylinen
  Black Solid Standard Leather
  Black Zebra Velvet
  Blackbird Heathered Tweed
  Blossom Cuddle Frost Phur
  Blue Graffiti Polylinen
  Blush Galaxy Phur
  Blush Nagano Velvet
  Blush Noriko Velvet
  Blush Ultra Velvet
  Breezee Cuddle Frost Phur
  Canary Micro Velvet
  Caramel Solid Standard Leather
  Caribbean Micro Velvet
  Caviar Canvas
  Caviar Hide Phur
  Charcoal Canvas
  Charcoal Cross Weave
  Charcoal Heather Microsuede
  Charcoal Lux Chenille
  Charcoal Slub Linen
  Charcoal Solid Faux Leather
  Charcoal Solid Microsuede
  Charcoal Solid Polylinen
  Chestnut Solid Faux Leather
  Chestnut Wrangler Velvet
  Cloud Galaxy Phur
  Cloud Recycled Thick Weave
  Cloud Solid Microsuede
  Cloud Solid Standard Leather
  Cobalt Ultra Velvet
  Cognac Micro Velvet
  Coral Nagano Velvet
  Coral Noriko Velvet
  Cornflower Micro Velvet
  Cranberry Solid Standard Leather
  Cream Corded Velvet
  Dolphin Solid Polylinen
  Domino Morocco Polylinen
  Domino Paisley Polylinen
  Domino Spotted Velvet
  Dove Paisley Velvet
  Dove Recycled Faux Linen
  Dove Solid Polylinen
  Driftwood Canvas
  Feather Slub Linen
  Flannel Denim
  Forest Micro Velvet
  Fumo Recycled Jacquard
  Fumo Recycled Thick Weave
  Glacier Belvedere Velvet
  Grapemist Marble Phur
  Grey Micro Velvet
  Gull Velvet Linen
  Gunmetal Ultra Velvet
  Haze Recycled Faux Linen
  Heather Rose Galaxy Phur
  Honey Micro Velvet
  Ice\Taupe Arctic Lynx Phur
  Indigo Cuddle Frost Phur
  Indigo Denim
  Ivory Solid Polylinen
  Laguna Belvedere Velvet
  Laguna Canvas
  Laguna Solid Polylinen
  Lapis Paisley Velvet
  Lavender Ultra Velvet
  Lemonade Heathered Tweed
  Linen Slub Linen
  Lipstick Lux Chenille
  Mallard Galaxy Phur
  Mardis Gras Paisley Velvet
  Mica Heather Microsuede
  Mica Solid Microsuede
  Midnight Velvet Linen
  Milk Spotted Velvet
  Mocha Lux Chenille
  Mocha Micro Velvet
  Mondo Ultra Velvet
  Moroccan Blue Lux Chenille
  Mouse Solid Polylinen
  Natural Ikat Velvet
  Navy Corded Velvet
  Navy Lux Chenille
  Navy Marble Phur
  Navy Nagano Velvet
  Navy Noriko Velvet
  Navy Recycled Jacquard
  Navy Recycled Thick Weave
  Navy Slub Linen
  Navy Solid Faux Leather
  Navy Solid Microsuede
  Nordic Denim
  Nutshell Cross Weave
  Oatmeal Birdseye Weave
  Oatmeal Recycled Jacquard
  Orange Blossom Heathered Tweed
  Otter Padded Velvet
  Otter Slub Linen
  Oyster Recycled Faux Linen
  Peacock Micro Velvet
  Peacock Padded Velvet
  Peacock Ultra Velvet
  Pearl Micro Velvet
  Pecan Solid Standard Leather
  Pewter Padded Velvet
  Pewter Wrangler Velvet 
  Pomelo Heathered Tweed
  Pool Denim
  Pumpkin Canvas
  Purple Padded Velvet
  Red Graffiti Polylinen
  Red Micro Velvet
  Robin Egg Blue Micro Velvet
  Robins Egg Heathered Tweed
  Royal Micro Velvet
  Saltwater Heathered Tweed
  Sand Recycled Birdseye Weave
  Sand Recycled Jacquard
  Sand Recycled Thick Weave
  Sapphire Galaxy Phur
  Sea Solid Microsuede
  Seaglass Hide Phur
  Shadow Marble Velvet
  Silver Heather Microsuede
  Silver Lux Chenille
  Silver Velvet Linen
  Slate  Corded Velvet
  Spa Ikat Velvet
  Spice Ikat Velvet
  Steel Grey Lux Chenille
  Steel Solid Faux Leather
  Sterling Micro Velvet
  Stone Heather Microsuede
  Storm Cross Weave
  Sunlight Recycled Thick Weave
  Tan Solid Faux Leather
  Tide Solid Microsuede
  Twilight Denim
  Vanilla Canvas
  Vanilla Solid Faux Leather
  Vintage Corded Velvet
  Warm Sand Lux Chenille
  White Marble Velvet
  White Micro Velvet
  White Solid Faux Leather
  White Solid Polylinen
  Woods Cross Weave

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