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2018 Custom Sactionals Holiday Shipping Guide

Follow these guidelines to receive your Custom Sactionals order in time for Christmas.

Please note that shipment may be delayed due to inclement weather.

Amira Purple Chevron Ikat TweedAmethyst Canvas
Amira Purple Grain TweedApple Ultra Velvet
Ash Weave TweedArtic Recycled Faux Linen
Bearlake Combed ChenilleAsh Ultra Velvet
Blackbear Cut PhurAtomic Morocco Polylinen
Boxelder Weave TweedAtomic Paisley Polylinen
Camel Slub TweedAtomic Solid Polylinen
Carmine-Orange Dots Combed ChenilleAubergine Micro Velvet
Celeste Solid Dupione (Outdoor)Azure Belvedere Velvet
Charcoal Solid Canvas (Outdoor)Azure Solid Polylinen
Chinchilla Dense PhurBerry Micro Velvet
Cobalt Stripe Milano (Outdoor)Berry Padded Velvet
Dove Solid Spectrum (Outdoor)Birch Denim
Dove Solid Dupione (Outdoor)Bittersweet Micro Velvet
Eskimo Swirl PhurBittersweet Solid Microsuede
Fox Cut PhurBlack Lux Chenille
Galaxy Solid Dupione (Outdoor)Black Solid Microsuede
Gold-Grey Damask Cut ChenilleBlack Solid Polylinen
Granite Stripe Peyton (Outdoor)Black Zebra Velvet
Indigo Geometric Luxe (Outdoor)Blackbird Heathered Tweed
Indigo Stripe Lido (Outdoor)Blue Graffiti Polylinen
Jade Geometric Accord (Outdoor)Blush Nagano Velvet
Limelite Stripe Carousel (Outdoor)Blush Noriko Velvet
Macaw Solid Canvas (Outdoor)Blush Ultra Velvet
Melon Solid Canvas (Outdoor)Canary Micro Velvet
Military Grain TweedCaribbean Micro Velvet
Mudbath Combed ChenilleCaviar Canvas
Mustardseed Outdoor WeaveCharcoal Belvedere Velvet
Pewter Long PhurCharcoal Canvas
Rabbit Dense PhurCharcoal Corded Velvet
Seagull Stripe Solana (Outdoor)Charcoal Cross Weave
Sultan Purple Weave TweedCharcoal Heather Microsuede
Sunflower Solid Canvas (Outdoor)Charcoal Slub Linen
Tan Striped TweedCharcoal Solid Microsuede
True Blue Solid Canvas (Outdoor)Charcoal Solid Polylinen
Whisper Stripe Brannon (Outdoor)Cloud Recycled Thick Weave
Cloud Solid Microsuede
Cobalt Ultra Velvet
Cognac Micro Velvet
Coral Nagano Velvet
Coral Noriko Velvet
Cornflower Micro Velvet
Cottonball Heathered Tweed
Cream Corded Velvet
Dolphin Belvedere Velvet
Dolphin Solid Polylinen
Domino Morocco Polylinen
Domino Paisley Polylinen
Domino Spotted Velvet
Dove Paisley Velvet
Dove Recycled Faux Linen
Dove Solid Polylinen
Driftwood Canvas
Dune Lux Chenille
Feather Slub Linen
Flannel Denim
Forrest Micro Velvet
French Blue Recycled Faux Linen
Fumo Birdseye Weave
Fumo Recycled Jacquard
Fumo Recycled Thick Weave
Glacier Belvedere Velvet
Glacier Gotham Jacquard
Grey Micro Velvet
Gull Velvet Linen
Gunmetal Ultra Velvet
Haze Recycled Faux Linen
Honey Micro Velvet
Hot Pink Micro Velvet
Indigo Denim
Ivory Solid Polylinen
Khaki Solid Microsuede
Laguna Belvedere Velvet
Laguna Canvas
Laguna Solid Polylinen
Lapis Paisley Velvet
Lavender Ultra Velvet
Lemonade Heathered Tweed
Lime Micro Velvet
Linen Slub Linen
Lipstick Lux Chenille
Lipstick Micro Velvet
Mardis Gras Paisley Velvet
Melon Micro Velvet
Metal Gotham Jacquard
Mica Heather Microsuede
Mica Solid Microsuede
Midnight Velvet Linen
Milk Spotted Velvet
Mocha Micro Velvet
Mondo Ultra Velvet
Moroccan Blue Lux Chenille
Mouse Solid Polylinen
Natural Ikat Velvet
Nature Cross Weave
Navy Birdseye Weave
Navy Corded Velvet
Navy Nagano Velvet
Navy Noriko Velvet
Navy Recycled Jacquard
Navy Recycled Thick Weave
Navy Slub Linen
Navy Solid Microsuede
Nordic Denim
Nutshell Cross Weave
Oatmeal Birdseye Weave
Oatmeal Recycled Jacquard
Orange Blossom Heathered Tweed
Orion Blue Padded Velvet
Otter Padded Velvet
Otter Slub Linen
Oyster Recycled Faux Linen
Palladium Heathered Tweed
Peacock Micro Velvet
Peacock Padded Velvet
Peacock Ultra Velvet
Pearl Micro Velvet
Pewter Padded Velvet
Pewter Recycled Faux Linen
Pomelo Heathered Tweed
Pool Denim
Pumpkin Canvas
Purple Padded Velvet
Red Graffiti Polylinen
Red Micro Velvet
Robin Egg Blue Micro Velvet
Robins Egg Heathered Tweed
Royal Micro Velvet
Saltwater Heathered Tweed
Sand Birdseye Weave
Sand Recycled Jacquard
Sand Recycled Thick Weave
Sea Solid Microsuede
Seawater Padded Velvet
Shadow Marble Velvet
Silver Heather Microsuede
Silver Lux Chenille
Silver Velvet Linen
Slate Corded Velvet
Spa Ikat Velvet
Spice Ikat Velvet
Sterling Micro Velvet
Stone Heather Microsuede
Storm Cross Weave
Sunlight Recycled Thick Weave
Tide Solid Microsuede
Twilight Denim
Vanilla Canvas
Vintage Corded Velvet
Warm Sand Lux Chenille
White Marble Velvet
White Micro Velvet
White Solid Polylinen
Woods Cross Weave

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