A family relaxing on a Sactionals couchA family relaxing on a Sactionals couch

What We Believe: Our Guiding Principles

Icon of three hands raised in the airIcon of three hands raised in the air

1. We can all win together

We make daily decisions to build a conscious business and a culture that is purpose driven and transparent. All stakeholders are considered: customers, employees, suppliers, partners, investors, and all affected by the business.

Icon of an arrow in a center of a targetIcon of an arrow in a center of a target

2. Doing less and doing better

Doing fewer things allows us to execute things better, do better things with our time and resources, and uphold the highest quality standards in all we produce and communicate, reflecting the aspirational aesthetics of our most discerning fans.

Icon of the earthIcon of the earth

3. We're borrowing this earth from our children

There is only one earth and it contains a finite amount of resources. True sustainability can only be achieved through thoughtful design and thoughtful consumption.

Icon of two people sitting on a couch and talkingIcon of two people sitting on a couch and talking

4. The couch is the new kitchen table

Our products are at the heart of every home on the planet. They provide the platform where daily life unfolds, from the mundane to the memorable- we become part of each household's story in an intimate way.

Icon of a heartIcon of a heart

5. Love matters

Love is the name we live up to. We champion building meaningful relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and community by removing the ambient stress caused by poorly designed products allowing full focus on the things that matter. We seek to promote love and happiness in all we do... any other outcome is just not worth it.