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The Sactionals Power Hub

Sactionals from yesterday, or today, can take the leap into tomorrow.
The Sactionals Power Hub fits into any Side and provides power where you need it most.

Can I use a Power Hub in the Sactionals Sides I already own?

Yes! The Power Hub is easily installed in existing Sactionals Sides. However, the Sactionals Power Hub is not compatible with 5 Series Sactionals sold between 2008-2015. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Love at or chat with us.

How do I install and remove my Power Hub?

Installing and removing your Power Hub is simple. Download the Power Hub Installation Guide here.

What ports are included on the Power Hub?

The Power Hub features one 120-VAC Outlet, two USB-A Charging Ports, and one USB-C Charging Port. There are also two grounded 110 VAC inline convenience outlets located halfway down the cord.

How long is the Power Hub's cord?

The cord for the Power Hub has a total length of 12 ft.

What are the dimensions of a Power Hub?

The Power Hub measures 5.8" W x 5.35" H x 4.92" D.

What kind of plug does the Power Hub use?

The Power Hub uses a grounded 90-degree flat plug.

Will the Power Hub overheat in my Sactionals Side?

The Sactionals Power Hub is specially designed to fit inside Sactionals and has been tested to meet UL test standard 962A – a compliance standard for furniture power distribution units. The Power Hub also features a 12-amp circuit breaker with reset button, which limits the amount of power drawn from the unit to 12 amps, protecting the unit from misuse and overheating.

Have more questions? Need answers?

Please contact us at and one of our customer service specialists will reach out within the next 48-72 hours. If you need faster help please chat with us at

You can also find answers to the most common questions in our complete FAQs.

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