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Squattoman with Fox Phur Cover


  • Squattoman with Fox Phur Cover
  • Fox Phur (Swatch)
Squattoman with Fox Phur Cover
Squattoman Insert   +$100.00
Fox Cut Phur Squattoman Cover   +$50.00

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Product Information:

• 20" wide, 13" tall
• Use as a Foot Rest or a Seat
• Cover: Machine-Washable / Hang Dry

Product Details

The Squattoman

You bought your Sac, and you love it, but so does the rest of your family. What to do? Squattoman to the rescue! This little guy has the perfect height to rest your feet on when your Sac is at capacity, or when you just want to keep your legs up high. It also comes in extremely handy as an extra seat, and is light and easy to move around. The beauty of the Squattoman's construction is that its microbead filling (this one is not made of foam) stays firm when you sit on it, even though its top is soft and squishy, where the pleated head allows the beads to expand and move around.

What's Included:

  • Squattoman Foot Rest
  • Fox Phur Squattoman Cover

About Fox Phur Covers

Fox Phur is one of our softest, most comfortable, and durable fabrics ever. It’s a unique blend of polyester cut phur that is both luxurious and durable at the same time. Because it’s polyester-based, it’s 100% machine washable and is built to breathe, so you get the softness you want without overheating like you may in a more dense fabric. We spell it "Phur" to connote the fact that it is indeed fake and not in any way real fur — no animals were harmed.

  • 100% Polyester Cut Phur
  • Soft and Silky Hand Feel
  • Machine Washable / Hang Dry
  • Pet Friendly & Durable
  • Neutral Brown Tones match anything

A careful, close look at the fabric will reveal neutral tones, brown tones, and red tones, all mixed over its light base. Different color tones appear at different points along the length of each individual strand in the pile. The end result is a multi-dimensional look with lots of movement and color variation – within a general color palette – that is neutral and easy to match to, or pair fabrics with, across a wide color spectrum.

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