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Squattoman with Eskimo Swirl Phur Cover


  • Squattoman with Eskimo Swirl Phur Cover
Squattoman with Eskimo Swirl Phur Cover
Squattoman Insert   +$100.00
Eskimo Swirl Phur Squattoman Cover    (Delivers in 10-12 Weeks)   +$50.00

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Availability: Delivers in 10-12 Weeks

Product Information:

• 20" wide, 13" tall
• Use as a Foot Rest or a Seat
• Cover: Machine-Washable / Hang Dry

Product Details

The Squattoman

You bought your Sac, and you love it, but so does the rest of your family. What to do? Squattoman to the rescue! This little guy has the perfect height to rest your feet on when your Sac is at capacity, or when you just want to keep your legs up high. It also comes in extremely handy as an extra seat, and is light and easy to move around. The beauty of the Squattoman's construction is that its microbead filling (this one is not made of foam) stays firm when you sit on it, even though its top is soft and squishy, where the pleated head allows the beads to expand and move around.

What's Included:

  • Squattoman Foot Rest Insert
  • Eskimo Phur Squattoman Cover

About Eskimo Swirl Phur Covers

As intimated by the clever use of the "ph" instead of the traditional "f," no animals were harmed in the making of Lovesac Phurs — they're fake, but they're real soft. Made of 100% polyester fibers, this phur is extremely stain resistant and really quite durable — nearly anything will wash out of this phur, no matter the color. Its bonded woven fabric backing removes most stretch and stiffens the fabric adding loft and durability. This is considered a medium-pile phur — long enough to run your fingers through, but short enough to avoid getting messy.

  • 100% synthetic faux fur
  • Cotton-poly backing
  • Short to medium pile
  • Machine washable

Eskimo Swirl Phur is a cream colored faux fur dream. Off-white undertones and a gleaming white sheen at the tips allow Eskimo Phur to work as white, or cream, depending on the d├ęcor. Eskimo Swirl Phur has a unique rose-shaped bottle-cap-sized repeating pattern twisted into the nap of the phur. Eskimo Swirl Phur is bonded to a sturdy layer of poly-cotton backing giving it stiffness and loft beneath its ultimately soft exterior. Goes great with browns, blacks, blues, neutrals, and just about anything.

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