Sactionals Deep Back Pillow Insert


  • Sactionals Deep Back Pillow Insert
  • Sactionals Deep Back Pillow Insert
  • Down Filling
  • Lovesoft Filling
Sactionals Deep Back Pillow Insert

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Availability: Delivers in 1-3 Weeks

Product Information

• Sactionals Deep Back Pillow Insert
• Dimensions: 30" Wide x 23" Tall
• Available in 3 Fillings: Standard, Down, or Lovesoft
• Easy to Add Covers Anytime
• Covers Sold & Arrive Separately

Product Details

Sactionals Deep Back Pillow Insert: Standard

Our soft and fluffy back pillow has been designed to stand up tall and retain its shape through years of use and pressure. The exterior cover features gusseting along the sides, which keep the pillow's shape plump and uniform throughout. The filling is contained in three separate chambers that keep the fibers lofty and prevent compression and sagging. The filling is made of top-quality polyester fiber, a cotton-like material that has a smooth and silky texture. It has been treated with a pick and blown process to make it as soft and airy as possible.

The Deep Back Pillow is designed to work with our Deep Side; it is 6 inches narrower than our traditional Back Pillow.

Comfort Levels

Standard Foam
Three high-density layers including a supportive central layer that preserves loft and resists sagging.

Down Blend
White goose down and feathers that are mixed with synthetic fibers to create a seating experience that's exceptionally soft and comfortable.

A one-of-a-kind material that's an excellent alternative to down and feather. Lovesoft is so resilient that it keeps its lofty look without fluffing.

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