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Pillowsac Insert


  • Pillowsac Insert
  • Pillowsac Insert
  • Pillowsac (No Cover) Laid Flat with Full Size Sheets (Not Included) to Use as a Guest Rest
  • Pillowsac shrunken down to 1/8 size in a specially designed duffel for easy shipping, transport and storage
  • Premium Duffel Bag Detailing
Pillowsac Insert

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Product Information

• Seats 2 Adults
• Dimensions: 4.5' Wide x 6.25' Long
• Filled with Premium Shredded Durafoam
• Covers Sold & Arrive Separately; Shop Covers Here
• Lifetime Guarantee*

Product Details


The Pillowsac

A very versatile cousin to our other Sacs, the multipurpose Pillowsac is a giant rectangle that can do anything from putting babies to sleep to putting up the in-laws. Laid flat, it's the same size as a full size bed. And if you want to turn it into more compact seating for one, pinch into a "fortune cookie" shape or turn it on its side and punch it on one end to make a "pea pod." The super-soft filling is made of premium, shredded Durafoam. Unlike bead-filled bags, it absorbs your body weight evenly and doesn't compress over time, but stays airy and supple like a sit-able cloud.

What's Included:

  • Pillowsac Insert
  • Premium Pillowsac Duffel Bag

This Pillowsac Insert can be used with any of our changeable, washable covers. Shop for Pillowsac covers here!

Lifetime Guarantee

Lovesac is the only major furniture company that stands behind their products with a Lifetime Guarantee. For full warranty details, please click here.

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