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Pillowsac Insert


  • Pillowsac Insert
  • Pillowsac Insert
  • The Rocker Frame (Sold Separately)
  • Pillowsac (No Cover) Laid Flat with Full Size Sheets (Not Included) to Use as a Guest Rest
  • Pillowsac shrunken down to 1/8 size in a specially designed duffel for easy shipping, transport and storage
  • Premium Duffel Bag Detailing
Pillowsac Insert

Availability: Delivers in 1-2 Weeks

Product Information

• Seats 2 Adults
• Dimensions: 4.5' Wide x 6.25' Long
• Filled with Premium Shredded Durafoam
• Covers Sold & Arrive Separately; Shop Covers Here
• Goes Great with The Rocker Frame (Sold Separately)
• Lifetime Guarantee*

Product Details

The Pillowsac

A very versatile cousin to our other Sacs, the multipurpose Pillowsac is a giant rectangle that can do anything from putting babies to sleep to putting up the in-laws. It's most often used with a Rocker Frame (bought separately) as a sumptuous rocking chair for two that can also double as a nursing chair. Laid flat, it's the same size as a full size bed. And if you want to turn it into more compact seating for one, pinch into a "fortune cookie" shape or turn it on its side and punch it on one end to make a "pea pod." The super-soft filling is made of premium, shredded Durafoam. Unlike bead-filled bags, it absorbs your body weight evenly and doesn't compress over time, but stays airy and supple like a sit-able cloud.

What's Included:

  • Pillowsac Insert
  • Premium Pillowsac Duffel Bag

This Pillowsac Insert can be used with any of our changeable, washable covers. Shop for Pillowsac covers here!

The Rocker Frame (Sold Separately)

A Rocker is the perfect accessory for a Lovesac original Pillowsac. Pillowsacs are designed to fit perfectly on top of a Rocker Frame, which not only rocks, but keeps the Sac upright in a sleek crescent shape that can stand on its own, float in a room or butt up against the end of a sofa or wall. This steel-reinforced rocker is perfect for home theaters, TV rooms, nurseries, and any other place where you feel the need to rock out. Wide enough for two, a Pillowsac rocker will not only rock your world, but your partner's, too.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lovesac is the only major furniture company that stands behind their products with a Lifetime Guarantee. For full warranty details, please click here.

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