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About Phur


100% Polyester or 100% Acrylic


This unique blend of polyester phur is both luxurious and durable at the same time. Because it’s polyester-based, it’s 100% machine washable and is built to breathe, so you get the softness you want without overheating like you may in a more dense fabric. We spell it "Phur" to connote the fact that it is indeed fake and not in any way real fur — no animals were harmed.


Machine Washable

Care Instructions

Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry

Lead Time

4-6 weeks

Additional Phur Colors

  • Chinchilla Dense Phur
  • Rabbit Dense Phur
  • Eskimo Swirl Phur
  • Fox Cut Phur
  • Blackbear Cut Phur
  • Polar Cut Phur
  • Elk Phur
  • Reversible Cub Phur / Pelt Microleather
  • Mesa Flat Weave / Coyote Phur