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Limited Edition Owl Phur Pillowsac Package


  • Owl Phur Pillowsac Package (Includes Pillowsac, Pillowsac Cover, Throw Pillows, and Rocker Frame)
  • Owl Phur Pillowsac Package (Includes Pillowsac, Pillowsac Cover, Throw Pillows, and Rocker Frame)
  • Pillowsac with Owl Phur Cover
  • Owl Phur Throw Pillows
  • Owl Phur Pillowsac Cover
  • Owl Phur (Swatch)
  • Padded Rocker Frame Included
  • Pillowsac shrunken down to 1/8 size in a specially designed duffel for easy shipping, transport and storage
  • Premium Duffel Bag Detailing
Limited Edition Owl Phur Pillowsac Package
Pillowsac Insert    (Delivers in 1-2 Weeks)   +$337.50
Owl Phur Pillowsac Cover & Accessory Set   +$262.50
Padded Rocker Frame   +$200.00

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Availability: Delivers in 4-6 Weeks

Product Information:

• Seats 2 Adults
• Dimensions: 54" Wide x 75" Long
• 2 Throw Pillows & Rocker Frame Included
• Filled with Premium Shredded Durafoam
• Machine-Washable / Hang Dry

Product Details

Limited Edition Owl Phur Pillowsac Package

Your favorites are back! Our popular Owl Phur package is inspired by memories of childhood mountain hikes. And though we love to wax nostalgic about roaming the forest and spying on Big Foot, we prefer to do it from the comfort of our living room. This Owl Phur Pillowsac package offers the best of both worlds: it includes the multi-purpose Pillowsac—a versatile rectangle that can be used as a bed, comfy peapod seat, and cushion for the included Rocker Frame—and two Owl Phur throw pillows.

What's Included:

  • Pillowsac Insert
  • Owl Phur Pillowsac Cover
  • 2 18"x18" Owl Phur Throw Pillows
  • Padded Rocker Frame
  • Premium Pillowsac Duffel Bag

About Owl Phur Covers

The textures and color-schemes of these limited edition holiday covers are inspired by childhood excursions to a rustic mountain cabin. Like all the fabrics in this collection, our super soft and fluffy Owl Phur was designed and developed from scratch by our design team. It has a uniquely feathery texture that will make you feel as snug as an owlet in his nest. Made of 100% polyester fiber, it's extremely durable and stain resistant—just toss it in the washing machine and hang dry.

  • 100% synthetic faux fur
  • Non-stretch backing helps the fabric withstand wear and pressure
  • Short to medium pile
  • Durable and stain resistant
  • Machine-washable / hang dry

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