Kid Sactionals - Mini Couches for the littlest of Lovesac'rs

Kid Sactionals

Mini couches for the littlest of Lovesac'rs


Meet the Most Versatile Couch on Earth

We've invented a shrink-ray gun (patent pending) and zapped our normal Sactionals down to pint-sized along with all the same great benefits.


Kids are meant to be messy, it's their job. Machine-washable covers make it easy to clean up after spills, stains, and sticky fingers.



Kid Sactionals have removable, changeable covers. Just like magic they can change color in a flash. Poof! Buy them now in Berry Smoothie, or Aquamarine, and shop a whole new assortment of colors in 2016.

From a sofa, to a chaise, to a special fort built to save the princess from the evil dragon!!! Kid Sactionals are easy and safe for children to arrange and rearrange. (Note to parents: The more they do it, the longer they’ll nap.)

How Pieces Connect

Kid Sactionals utilize the ultra-sophisticated technology of magnets and Velcro to connect. They are sturdy enough for kids of all sizes (parents included) and come apart in a snap for emergency fort-building.

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