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Frequently Asked Questions About All Things Lovesac

Website / Ordering Questions

Q: I'm placing an order online. How much will it cost to ship to my home?
A: We love this question because answering it makes people smile. Shipping is 100% FREE in the contiguous United States, and orders will typically deliver within 1-2 weeks. Please note that we also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Please contact us for a Shipping Quote.

Q: How can I get a hold of a real person or get a question answered?
A: You can reach our Customer Love department for support in a number of ways.
Chat: Click Here Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 10 PM EST
Call: 888-636-1223 Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Email: arealperson@lovesac.com

Q: How do I order offline?
A: To place an order offline, please call Lovesac at 888-636-1223, Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Q: What if I have questions about your products?
A: You can reach our Customer Love department for support in a number of ways.
Chat: Click Here Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 10 PM EST
Call: 888-636-1223 Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
Email: arealperson@lovesac.com

Q: Do you offer special financing for your products?
A: Yes, we offer 6 or 12 month interest free financing and it's easy to apply online or in-store. Answer a few questions and receive instant notification of approval. Learn more and apply online here.

If you wish to use your card immediately online or in-store, please have your account number and authorization code ready at the time of purchase. Online orders using financing must be placed over the phone with a customer support specialist, or you can chat with us for more information.

Alternatively, by selecting PayPal and the "Bill Me Later" option during the checkout process, you can place your order and stretch out your payments interest free for 6 months from the date of purchase if you qualify. For more information, please click here.

Q: How do I make a payment on my Lovesac Credit Card?
A: The Lovesac Credit Card is hosted by Synchrony Bank. The easiest way to make payments on this account is to visit Synchrony Bank's Consumer website here. You'll be able to manage your account, make online payments, and update your billing information. Please contact us with additional questions.

Q: Will I receive confirmation after my online purchase?
A: Yes, you should receive a confirmation by email within 24 hours of your purchase. In fact, it might be in your email right now just hiding in your spam or junk folder. Having a name like Lovesac sometimes makes email applications blush.

Q: Are the prices and special offers on Lovesac.com also available in Lovesac stores?
A: Yes, most special offers and promotions online are also available in-store. Some exclusions apply. Contact your local store for details.

Q: Does Lovesac offer additional fabric styles, colors, and choices beyond what I see on Lovesac.com?
A: We literally travel the world several times a year in search of fantastic new fabrics in every conceivable color, style, texture, and mood. If you cannot find a Lovesac fabric you absolutely love, chat with a Lovesac associate here or at our stores about our custom fabrics service. We also offer custom room design consultation at no extra cost.

Q: Can I purchase a Lovesac gift card? If I already have a Lovesac gift card, can I use it online?
A: Yes! Lovesac eGift Cards can be purchased here and can be used on all items at Lovesac.com; just enter the code in the Gift Cards box upon checking out. Note: eGift Cards can only be used online and are not redeemable in stores. Gift Cards purchased in stores are not redeemable online but may be used at any of our store locations (find one here!). Please note that Gift Cards cannot be exchanged, refunded, or redeemed for cash. Lost or stolen Gift Cards cannot be replaced or refunded.

Q: Where is the Lovesac store nearest me and how can I contact them?
A: We'd like to think that Lovesac.com is always your closest store (plus we never close and you can shop in your pajamas). Still, with over 50 stores and growing every month, there's a very good chance there's a Lovesac store near you. Click here to find your local Lovesac store.

Q: Do you offer layaway?
A: Because our products can be purchased "fractionally," it is possible to buy your Sactionals "a piece at a time." We also offer PayPal's "Bill Me Later" (online only) and the Lovesac Credit Card (both online and in stores). If you have questions about these payment options, or you'd like to discuss a special payment plan, please contact us.

Shipping Questions

Q: How much will it cost to ship to my home?
A: For orders placed online, shipping is 100% FREE in the contiguous United States, and orders will typically deliver within 1-2 weeks. Please note that we also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Please contact us for a Shipping Quote.

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?
A: Products that are ordered from Lovesac.com usually deliver within 1-2 weeks from the date of purchase.

  • 1-2 weeks for Sacs, Sactionals, Covers & Accessories (unless otherwise noted)
  • 4-8 weeks for Custom Fabric Covers for Sacs/Sactionals

If you have questions about shipping times for a specific product, please contact us and we'd be happy to give you a specific shipping timeframe for the product(s) you're interested in.

Q: How will my Sac be shipped to me?
A: Through the miracles of modern science, we compress a Lovesac to 1/8th of its original size and then ship it to you so you can easily get it through your front door and up the narrowest of stairs or the smallest of elevators. Give it a little love and it will plump right up. It's why we call it a Lovesac.

Q: How are Sactionals shipped? Will they fit through my door?
A: We played a lot of Tetris until we figured this out and then we earned ourselves a shiny new patent for our ingenious solution. Sactionals Sides are shipped in a box that fits snugly over the side pieces making them compact. Sactionals Seats come with the seat cushion and back cushion cleverly packed inside the seat frame also for easy compact shipping. Both Sides and Seats contain one Shoe and one Clamp for easy setup. We've engineered the most compact way to ship your Sactionals so you don't have to worry about how to get them into your home, apartment, dorm, or supervillain lair. For tips and tricks on setting up your Sactionals, please click here.

Q: I want to place an order but I live outside the United States. Do you ship internationally?
A: In addition to the contiguous United States, we're happy to also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Please contact us for a Shipping Quote. Please be aware that you may need to pay duty, taxes, and other fees depending on where you live that are NOT included in the shipping rates we will provide you.

Q: What is the turn-around time for custom orders?
A: It takes a little longer than an ordinary purchase before you can enjoy the indescribable luxury of our custom covers. They ship 6-10 weeks from the date of purchase and believe us, they are very much well worth the wait!

Q: Will all of the products I have ordered show up on the same day?
A: You're asking this because likely you ordered a few things but not all of them showed up, right? No worries. Orders of more than one item are generally shipped in more than one box and possibly from different locations. If you receive only part of the shipment, do not stress, everything else should arrive soon after and, if not, contact us!

Q: Can I ship to an APO address?
A: While we salute our brave fighting men and women of the armed forces, unfortunately, we cannot directly ship to APO addresses at the current time. We wish we could. However, if you setup an account on ShipitAPO.com you may be able to have our products shipped through their service. See ShipitAPO.com for details. Some restrictions apply.

Q: Can I ship to PO Box?
A: Have you seen the teeny tiny mail slots at your local post office? If we could figure out how we're going to squeeze your Sacs and Sactionals in there we'd be happy to. Until we figure that out, the answer is an unfortunate no.

Sac Questions

Q: How are Lovesacs different than other foam bags or beanbag style chairs?
A: We get this question a few thousand times per year. And the answer is as different as a Bentley is from a forklift. Here are 10 reasons why Lovesac is different and way better than other copycats we see being sold:

  • Lovesacs are filled with three types of highest quality shredded Durafoam so they will never go flat. It would take a steamroller on a mission to flatten a Lovesac.
  • Lovesacs are unconditionally guaranteed for two lifetimes. Except in the aforementioned scenario involving a steamroller.
  • Lovesacs are painstakingly made by masterful sewers using double-stitch construction all around and super reinforced zippers, bar tacked, to be precise, at the ends to guard against breaks and tears.
  • Our Sacs can be adorned with our beautiful covers that are made especially for Lovesac and not available anywhere else.
  • Lovesac's Sac covers match the fabrics used in the covers of our sensational Sactionals for a fully coordinated look even if you are not totally coordinated yourself.
  • Our genuine Lovesac covers can be machine-washed and line dried over and over.
  • Most Sac covers even come with a handy pocket to store a remote control or a phone so your hands are free for more cuddly endeavors.
  • Only Lovesacs ship using our patented, ultra-scientific shrinking process that allows them to arrive at 1/8th their normal size so you can easily get them where they need to go.
  • We are always pioneering new ways to make our Sacs better, stronger and more lovable.
  • Only a Lovesac is built with Lovesac love, but then you probably knew that

Q: What size Sac should I buy?
A: That's a matter of personal choice based on how much space you have available, how much Sac you want to pack, and how cozy a cuddler you are. Here are some basic rules of Sac size-ology:

  • The BigOne seats 3 adults very comfortably in excessive luxury and comfort.
  • Supersacs seat 2+ adults or 3 very close friends.
  • Moviesacs seat 2 adults comfortably enough that one may not make it for the closing credits.
  • Pillowsacs seat 2 adults and makes a wonderful snuggly guest bed for one or two.
  • Citysacs seat 1 urban sophisticate and their glass of Chardonnay.
  • Gamersacs seat 1 self-absorbed kid in search of prey or just their own space.
  • Kidsacs seat 1 offspring and other small humans 4 feet and under.

Q: I just received my Sac, how do I plump it up?
A: The way to reverse our patented "Honey I Shrunk Your Sac Process" is detailed in this very informative video that you watch by clicking here. Otherwise, here are step-by-step instructions.

  • Pull the plastic bag off the insert. Never unzip the insert or cut open the insert or you will have a room full of Durafoam and a flat, sad little Sac.
  • Start breaking apart the chunks of foam from the outside of the Sac – you will feel them break apart.
  • Keep breaking off chunks as you turn or flip the insert over.
  • Once you break the foam into big chunks, start breaking your big chunks into littler chunks. If you can press gently, almost massage the pieces as you break them, it speeds up the chunking process. Remember to keep turning the insert over.
  • When the pieces of foam are about 2 inches in diameter you are nearly there!
  • Now this is important! Leave the Sac cover off for ideally 48-72 hours so the foam can fill with air and achieve their maximum comfortable level of fluffiness.
  • Sit, flop, bounce on, and turn over your Lovesac a few times and repeat. This is crucial to making it as comfortable as it can be.

Q: My Lovesac does not look or feel quite like the one in the store, why is that?
A: One of the main reasons people say this is because they did not wait the suggested 48-72 hours of PFT or "Peak Fluffing Time" before putting the cover on. We know how irresistibly beautiful the cover is but trust us, allowing for that crucial PFT is PDI (Pretty Darn Important).

Q: Why is the zipper on my Sac insert missing its pull?
A: Because we don't want you to ever, and we mean EVER, unzip it unless you want a room full of Durafoam and a sad, flat Sac.

Q: What is the recommended way to put the cover on my Sac?
A: There is a science to this and once you know how it's easy every time. Here's how:

  • Completely unzip the designer cover (if you bought one).
  • Position the Sac insert with the zipper on the top.
  • Drape the cover upside down over the Sac insert.
  • Now position the cover's zipper so it's facing toward you and zip the cover about 24 inches, pulling down toward your knees, then roll the Sac away from you and zip it down another 24 inches (this is the hardest part to master but you will get it)!
  • Continue zipping and rotating the Sac until it is completely covered and that's it.
  • Pour yourself a self-indulgent beverage and reward yourself. Well done. Sac covered!

Q: Do I need to buy a separate cover for my Sac?
A: Lovesacs are made to be washable and changeable. Our exclusive range of imported fabrics add to the fun and versatility of owning a Sac and give you the peace of mind to know if you ever change your room color, style, or décor, your Lovesac can change right along with it.

Q: How exactly do I wash my cover?
A: Most of our designer covers are completely machine-washable. We recommend covers be washed in cold water, on the gentle cycle, and then line dried.

Q: What is the insert and stock cover my Lovesac came with made from?
A: The insert is made from an especially durable polyester chosen for its breathability and strength-to-weight ratio. The outer cover is a khaki twill that is fine for every day use. Of course, to get the most fun and luxurious comfort of your Lovesac we strongly recommend one of our beautiful Sac covers.

Q: How do I wash the insert cover?
A: Should the Sac insert ever need cleaning, we recommend you spot clean it and then place your Lovesac outdoors in direct sunlight to air-dry. Do not attempt to unzip or open the insert unless you want a room full of Durafoam. We cannot repeat that enough. Don't unzip the insert! We didn't put a pull on the insert zipper for a reason.

Q: Can I buy a new cover for the Lovesac I bought several years ago?
A: Yes, don't worry, we've got you covered. Just refer to the handy chart below that explains some the changes in Sac names we have instituted and you will find the cover you need based the Sac you have.

 Old Name (Prior to 2007)   Fits the Current Cover for... 
 LotOLove   Gamersac 
 Old KidSac G1   Gamersac 
 PlayerSac   Citysac 
 TonoLove   Moviesac 
 PlayaSac   please call, chat, or email for details 
 MiniSac   please call, chat, or email for details 
 LittleLove   please call, chat, or email for details 
 LottoLove   not compatible 
 LittoLove   not compatible 
 GameSac (4ft square)   custom order only; please call, chat, or email for details 
 G1 Sactionals   custom order only; please call, chat, or email for details 
 Barstool   custom order only; please call, chat, or email for details 

Q: I bought a BigOne that uses two inserts and I want to convert them into two Sacs. Is that even possible?
A: So you want to make one giant Sac into two smaller Sacs? Easy! Just buy two Moviesac covers and you will have, well, two Moviesacs.

Q: Besides the seven standard sizes Sacs come in, can I design my own custom size?
A: We are sorry, but no. We are always dreaming up new ideas in Sacs and Sacs-cessories, but at the current time Sacs are available in our seven sizes. We dare you to say that three times very fast.

Q: Are Sacs environmentally responsible?
A: Well consider the fact that if we did not use acres of Durafoam every year to create hundreds of thousands of Sacs, that foam would have ended up on some landfill somewhere. Maybe near you. Of course that would be one bouncy-flouncy, comfortable landfill.

Sactionals Questions

Q: What exactly are Sactionals?
A: Sactionals are Lovesac's famous family of amazing washable, changeable furniture. Sactionals can fit into any room dozens of ways because they are made of a patented Seat and Side, two simple pieces that can create hundreds of comfortable seating options. To learn more, click here.

Q: What's the difference between 5 Series Sactionals and 6 Series Sactionals?
A: The only difference between 5 Series and 6 Series Sactionals is SIZE. 6 Series Sactionals are the original size and are best for movie rooms, larger living rooms and great rooms. 5 Series Sactionals are 20% SMALLER (think, shrunken down) and are better for smaller spaces such as condos, apartments and corporate offices.

Because both 6 Series and 5 Series Sactionals can be configured into any position you choose, the size really depends on how you plan on setting them up for your space. If you're not sure which size to get, please call or chat with us and we'll help you out! Even better, ask us about a free design consultation and we'll help you plan your entire room!

Q: What is the weight/size of Sactionals pieces?
A: Sactionals are made up of 2 pieces of patented Lovesac genius – Seats and Sides. Sactionals come in two sizes: 6 Series (the original) and 5 Series (which are about 20% smaller than the 6 Series).

6 Series Seats weigh 45 pounds (includes: upholstered frame, seat cushion, back pillow, shoe, clamp, and peg-feet) and measure 35" wide x 29" deep.

6 Series Sides weigh 25 pounds and measure 35" tall x 6" wide.

5 Series Seats weigh 39 pounds (includes: upholstered frame, seat cushion, back pillow, shoe, clamp, and peg-feet) and measure 31" Wide x 26" Deep.

5 Series Sides weigh 20 pounds and measure 5" Wide x 31" Deep.

Q: Do I need tools to put my Sactionals together?
A: Everything you need comes right in the box. Assembling your Sactionals is super easy! Each Seat and Side comes with one shoe and one solid steel clamp that hold the pieces together. Seats connect to other seats by shoes. Seats and Sides connect to each other by Clamps. It's as simple as that. Click here for Quick Tips on setting up your Sactionals for the first time.

Q: Are Lovesac products fire retardant?
A: The only match we want you to worry about is how effortlessly our Sactionals go with our Sacs so we've made absolutely sure that all Sac and Sactionals Inserts meet the California fire rating TB-117 for home furnishings fire retardants as displayed on the little tag that says DO NOT REMOVE. But we know you probably will remove it anyway because you have the face of an angel but the heart of a rebel.

Q: How are Sactionals constructed and what materials are used to make them?
A: We work very hard to ensure that Sactionals are made to last and to enjoy for the rest of your life. Sactionals have double-row stitching and their authenticity is guaranteed with our exclusive embroidered logo on each piece. Another thing we're awfully proud of is our ingenious use of Velcro strips at the bottom strategically placed to allow you to adjust tightness of our beautiful tailored designer covers to give Sactionals their distinct upholstered look. As for what they are made of:

  • Fabric: The stock Khaki on our Sactionals is a 50/50 cotton-polyester mix.
  • Frame: The Seat frame is made of a hardwood with steel furniture springs across the top.
  • Sactionals Seat Cushions: Sactionals seat cushions consist of multiple layers, including an anti-sag layer. The cushion also includes firm high-density Durafoam (for durability), soft high-density foam (for softness) and poly-fiber (for hand-feel).
  • Sactionals Back Cushions: Sactionals back cushions consist of a 3-chambered poly-fiber pillow. The inner pillow is 42" wide, Khaki upholstery is 37" wide, and designer covers are 35" wide for plump fit.
  • Shoes and Clamps: Each Seat and Side come with 1 shoe and 1 clamp. The steel clamps will not bend. The shoes are made of reinforced hard wood so they won't scratch most floors. Any desired Sactionals position is possible with these hardware pieces included.

Q: How many people will fit on just one Sactionals seat?
A: Sactionals cushions are surprisingly wide. Typically, one Sactionals cushion is large enough for two people to sit comfortably and deep enough to slouch and chill. So for an example, a 2-seat Sactionals Sofa / Loveseat measures 82 inches long, which would be comparable to most standard 3-cushion, boring, "just sits there" sofas in length.

Q: If I only buy a couple of Sactionals seats and sides now, can I add more later?
A: Yes! In fact that is the beauty of Sactionals. You can add more seats and sides as your needs and budget changes. A lot of people start with just an armchair or a loveseat, and then come back to us and purchase enough pieces to make a sectional sofa.

Q: Do I have to buy covers to use my Sactionals?
A: Sactionals ship with a very attractive and durable polyester/cotton blend stock cover and they look great. However, we don't recommend buying Sactionals without a set of covers. They give you the added benefit of your Sactionals being washable and changeable and we offer covers in dozens of beautiful colors and textures at prices for lifestyles from budget to billionaire.

Q: Can I order different colors for Seat and Side Covers?
A: Because Sactionals Seat and Side Covers come separately, you pretty much have an infinite number of combinations to mix and match with contrasting fabrics for a total custom and distinctive look. You can always change your Seat Covers and Side Covers anytime and we have new fabrics coming out all the time. Shop for new covers here, or chat with a Lovesac expert about our custom covers.

Accessories Questions

Q: How is the Squattoman different than the other Lovesacs?
A: Think of the Squattoman as a Lovesac version of small ottoman. Unlike its bigger Sac siblings which are filled with our high quality Durafoam, the Squattoman is filled with micro beads giving it a distinctive squishy touch (but don't worry, Squattomans are just the right kind of firm to sit on). In fact, there's nothing better than relaxing on your Lovesac and then kicking those tired old dogs of yours up on a Squattoman to experience the total and complete bliss of Lovesac ownership.

Q: What is a Pillowsac Rocker Frame, and is it only to be used with the Pillowsac?
A: We designed the Pillowsac Rocker Frame as the perfect complement to our distinctive and luxuriously comfortable Pillowsacs. The Rocker Frame features a strong metal black frame that sits on the floor turning our Pillowsac into the world's most comfortable rocker, perfect for snuggling and rock- rock- rocking the night away.

Q: What is the foam material inside Lovesacs?
A: Shredded Durafoam is a Lovesac trademarked unique blend of high, medium, and low-density open-cell polyurethane foam. This three-way blend of foam exclusive to Lovesac assures you the most comfortable sitting experience and is guaranteed to stay plump and fluffy.

Q: Will the Sodasac or Tubesac attach to my custom cover?
A: Custom Sac Covers do not have the magnetic snaps required to attach a Tubesac or Sodasac.

Q: How do I shrink my Sac so I can move or store it?
A: To make moving or storing your Lovesac totally stress free, we have Shrink Kits that you can use to easily reverse the plumping process and shrink your Lovesac down to a size that makes it easy to move or store.

The Lovesac Shrink Kit allows you to easily vacuum-shrink down your Sac. The Shrink Kit comes in three sizes: Extra Large (for The BigOne), Large (for Supersacs), and Medium/Small (for Moviesacs). The Medium/Small Shrink Kit also works for Pillowsacs, Citysacs, and Gamersacs. Using the Shrink Kit will enable you to shrink your Sac small enough to fit into the duffel bag that comes with the Shrink Kit. You can purchase one here.

Click here to watch a video of how to use the Shrink Kit!

Q: How do I use the Shrink it?
A: This process is easier if you can get one more person to help you so call a friend. Here's how to Shrink a Lovesac:

  • Place your Sac in the middle of the plastic bag and gather the excess plastic together.
  • Put your vacuum hose in the middle of the Khaki Sac Insert and hold the plastic around the hose as tight as you can. For optimal results, we highly recommend using a Shop Vac.
  • Turn the vacuum cleaner on and while the vacuum is sucking the air out of the Sac, gently lay on top of the Sac, and the Sac will begin to flatten. Once it is about halfway shrunk, turn it and lay on it again. The idea is to make the Sac the same size as the duffel, so you need to shape the foam as it's shrunken down to size.
  • Without turning the vacuum off, rotate the Sac and repeat the process until your Sac is completely compressed.
  • Once the Sac has the air out of it, put it in the duffel bag with the vacuum still on so the foam doesn't expand too soon.
  • Pull the duffel shut, and then zip it closed toward the vacuum hose that is still in the Sac.

DO NOT BREAK YOUR DUFFEL ZIPPER WHEN DOING THIS! You have to pull the Duffel bag closed FIRST, align the zippers, and THEN zip it closed.

When the Duffel bag is almost zipped shut, quickly pull out the vacuum hose and completely close the zipper. The foam will start to expand to fill up the duffel bag.

Warranty / Returns Questions

Q: How do I register my products and/or activate my warranty?
A: It's simple: once you've made a purchase, you're automatically registered! Please keep your receipt in a safe place – your Order Confirmation Number (online purchase) or Transaction Number (in-store purchase, 17 digits) will also serve as your warranty registration number. It's important to include accurate and complete information at the time of purchase. We can always update it later, too.

Q: What is the warranty policy for Sac and Petsac Inserts?
A: Sac and Petsac Inserts have a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturer defects. The warranty policy does not apply to failures stemming from use, abuse, or excessive wear. Just remember that the original receipt or order number is required for all warranty claims. Products used for commercial purposes are not covered under warranty.

Q: What is the warranty policy for Sactionals Inserts?
A: All hard Sactionals pieces such as frames, springs, clamps, feet, and shoes have a lifetime warranty. Standard Sactionals Inserts (Khaki upholstered Seat and Side Frames) and Outdoor Sactionals Inserts are guaranteed for three (3) years against manufacturer defects. Made-to-Order Down and Lovesoft™ Down Alternative Sactionals Inserts are guaranteed for five (5) years against manufacturer defects. Warranty policy does not apply to failures stemming from use, abuse, or excessive wear. Just remember that the original receipt or order number is required for all warranty claims. Products used for commercial purposes are not covered under warranty.

Q: What is the warranty policy for Sac, Petsac and Sactionals Covers?
A: Sac, Petsac and Sactionals Covers are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase (we highly recommend that all Outdoor Sactionals Back Pillows and Outdoor Sactionals Seat Cushions be kept out of the elements when not in use). Products are guaranteed against all manufacture defects. Warranty policy does not apply to failures stemming from use, abuse, or excessive wear. Just remember that the original receipt or order number is required for all warranty claims. Products used for commercial purposes are not covered under warranty.

Q: How do I submit a warranty claim?
A: We're sorry to hear about your product issue! In order to help, you'll need to contact us. Please type"Warranty" in the subject line and include the following information:

  • Order number.
  • Description of the problem.
  • Photo of the issue(s) (if possible).

Q: What is the Lovesac Return Policy?
A: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, but if you'd like to make a return for any reason, we're here to help.

  • Eligible merchandise may be returned within 30 days of the date you received it.
  • We cannot accept returns for special order/custom merchandise, gift cards, shipping and handling, services, and interest fees.
  • Floor model and clearance merchandise are marked final sale and cannot be returned.
  • Returned merchandise is subject to a 15% restocking fee 1 business day after the order is placed.
  • Merchandise is eligible for a one-time price adjustment within 14 days of the order being placed. Merchandise marked to final sale (ie. floor model, clearance) is not eligible for a price adjustment. To request a one-time price adjustment, please visit your local Lovesac store or contact Customer Love:
  • Chat: Click Here Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 10 PM EST
    Call: 888-636-1223 Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
    Email: arealperson@lovesac.com
  • If merchandise is being returned to a warehouse, we will gladly accept returns that ship within 7 days from the receipt of return labels and shipping materials.
  • When you request a return, we will send you shipping labels. After you receive the shipping labels, you have 7 days to return your merchandise.
  • Once we have confirmation that your merchandise is shipping back to us, we will issue funds to the original form of payment. If you paid in store with cash or a check, refunds will be issued via a corporate check sent to the shipping address on file. Please allow 14 business days to process the refund via corporate check.
  • Merchandise can be returned to the store or be processed and shipped via FedEx. Boxes to package and ship your merchandise for return can be provided by contacting Customer Love:
  • Chat: Click Here Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 10 PM EST
    Call: 888-636-1223 Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
    Email: arealperson@lovesac.com

Q: I fluffed my Sac but it is still flat. How do I fix this?
A: For starters, make sure there aren't any over-sized foam chunks inside your Sac that have not been broken apart. Remember you need to go through the process of breaking the Durafoam into chunks, then littler chunks, then littler still. Also, make sure you have waited for 48-72 hours after opening to let air get through all the Durafoam for a maximum plump, fluffy Lovesac. Otherwise if you add more Durafoam you will probably end up with too much foam inside. If you're totally, absolutely, 100% sure your Sac does not have as much Durafoam as you'd like, please contact us.

Q: I ripped my Sac insert but I did not register it when I bought it. Can you help me get it repaired?
A: Sure we can! Just contact us for assistance!

Q: Can I return a custom cover?
A: Sorry, because they are custom made just for you and nobody else but you, refunds are not available for custom covers.