Citysac with Purple Microfiber Cover


  • Citysac with Purple Microfiber Cover
  • Citysac with Purple Microfiber Cover
  • Purple Microfiber Citysac Cover
  • Purple Microfiber (Swatch)
  • Citysac shrunken down to 1/8 size in a specially designed duffel for easy shipping, transport and storage
  • Premium Duffel Bag Detailing
Citysac with Purple Microfiber Cover

Availability: Delivers in 1-3 Weeks

Product Information:

• Seats 1 Adult
• 3' wide, 3' tall, 35 lbs
• Filled with Premium Shredded Durafoam
• Cover: Machine-Washable / Hang Dry

Product Details

The Citysac

Small enough for apartment living, yet big enough to wrap you in comfort, the Citysac looks right at home in any space. The super-soft fill is made of premium shredded Durafoam which, unlike bead-filled bags, absorbs body weight evenly and doesn't compress over time.

What's Included:

  • Citysac Insert
  • Purple Microfiber Citysac Cover
  • Premium Citysac Duffel Bag

About Purple Microfiber Covers

With a velvety-soft hand feel, and deep suede-like nap, microfiber is more resilient and stain-proof than traditional velvet, and thicker and loftier than microsuede. Made from 100% polyester resin on a woven cotton backing, microfiber is also the toughest of the fabrics on our line. With rub-tests that are many times higher than even the well-wearing microsuede, microfiber has absolutely no stretch, resulting in a beautiful, durable fabric.

  • 100% polyester
  • Non-stretch backing helps the fabric withstand wear and pressure
  • Durable, soft, and luxurious
  • Machine-wash, hang dry

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