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Outdoor Seat with Beachfront Covers


  • Outdoor Seat with Beachfront Covers (Includes Rattan-Style Resin-Wicker Seat Frame, Seat Cushion & Cover, and Back Pillow & Cover)
  • Outdoor Sactionals (Side View Showing Back Pillow)
  • Outdoor Sactionals (Side View)
  • Outdoor Sactionals (Front View)
  • Outdoor Sactionals (Back View)
  • Outdoor Sactionals (Seat & Side Pieces)
Outdoor Seat with Beachfront Covers

Availability: Delivers in 2-4 Weeks

Product Information

• 1 Outdoor Sactionals Seat
• Dimensions: 35" Wide x 29" Deep
• Water-Resistant Seat Cushions & Back Pillows
• Machine Washable / Pet Friendly Covers
• Waterproof Pine Shoes & Peg Feet
• Easy to Stack & Store for the Winter
• Lifetime Guarantee*

Product Details

Outdoor Seat with Beachfront Covers

Outdoor Sactionals by Lovesac are every bit as washable, changeable, comfortable, durable, stackable, ship-able, and moveable as our upholstered Khaki Sactionals, only these ones aren't afraid to get wet. Build anything you like, only now you can do it on your patio, back lawn, poolside, deck, or barbecue pavilion. Wash the covers, change the covers, build a gigantic conversation pit sectional, then rearrange it into a couple of pool loungers and a sofa as you like. At the end of the season, just stack them up and look forward to next year because there is simply no other outdoor furniture on planet earth that will allow you to enjoy your summer the way you've always wanted to like Outdoor Sactionals will.

What's Included:

  • 1 Outdoor Seat Frame Piece
  • 1 Outdoor Seat Cushion & Beachfront Cover
  • 1 Outdoor Back Pillow & Beachfront Cover
  • 1 Pine Shoe
  • 1 Solid Steel Clamp
  • 4 Pine Peg Feet
  • Instructions

About Outdoor Beachfront Covers

Rated for over 1,000 hours of sun-fade resistance, this outdoor fabric is among the most durable fabrics offered. In a light rain, the water will bead up and run off. In a downpour or extended soaking, the water will eventually penetrate the covers and soak into the seat cushions and back pillows. These cushions and pillows will dry out when left exposed to the sun and wind because the seat frame they sit on is wicker and allows the air to flow not only on top, but around the sides, behind, and underneath the cushions. Gravity also helps the cushions drain through the resin wicker frame they sit on. The covers are machine washable (washing will not impact the durability or sun-resistance of the covers). We highly recommend that all cushions and back pillows be kept out of the elements when not in use.

Constructed of a classic rattan-style resin-wicker lashed over a 100% welded aluminum framing, Outdoor Sactionals are built to withstand all that Mother Nature may deliver. Unlike natural wicker, this high-grade resin product will last and last – it is completely impervious to moisture and will retain its color, texture, and shape season after season with little to no visible weathering.

The Back Pillow and Seat Cushion covers are called "Beachfront" and they truly are the color of a sandy beach. This natural colorway is achieved by darker and lighter micro-stripes built into the texture of the fabric. The tone and hue of this Beachfront fabric is a perfect match for the highlights and texture visible in the rattan-style brown resin-wicker found on the 6 Series Outdoor Sactionals Seat Frame and Side Pieces.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lovesac is the only major furniture company that stands behind their products with a Lifetime Guarantee. For full warranty details, please click here.

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