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5 Series Sofa / Loveseat with Tan Chenille Covers


  • Sofa / Loveseat with Tan Chenille Covers (2 Bases, 4 Sides)
  • Sofa / Loveseat with Tan Chenille Covers (2 Bases, 4 Sides)
  • Tan Chenille Sactionals
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Side View Showing Back Pillow)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Side View)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Front View)
5 Series Sofa / Loveseat with Tan Chenille Covers
5 Series Sactionals Seat Insert: Standard   +$400.00
5 Series Sactionals Seat Cover Set: Tan Combed Chenille   +$225.00
5 Series Sactionals Side Insert: Standard   +$200.00
5 Series Sactionals Side Cover: Tan Combed Chenille   +$75.00

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Product Information:

• 2 Sactionals Bases, 4 Sactionals Sides
• Dimensions: 72" Wide x 31" Deep (As Shown)
• Dimensions: 62" Wide x 36" Deep (Loveseat Size)
• Easy to Rearrange Pieces & Change Covers Anytime
• Machine Washable / Pet Friendly
• Lifetime Guarantee*

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Product Details

5 Series Sactionals Sofa / Loveseat with Tan Chenille Covers

The flexible Sofa/Loveseat is composed of two Sactionals Bases and four Sactionals Sides. If you've got the space, build it wide and it's a sofa. If not, build it deep and it's a loveseat. You can also play with other configurations, such as a Twister for intimate conversations or two Corner Chairs for personal space. It's also an excellent starter piece to add on to and continue to build on.

What's Included:

  • 2 Base Frame Pieces & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 2 Seat Cushions & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 2 Back Pillows & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 4 Side Pieces & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 6 Wood Shoes
  • 6 Solid Steel Clamps
  • 16 Wood Peg Feet
  • Instructions

About Tan Chenille Covers

Our Chenille is a 100% combed polyester chenille fabric that is as stain-resistant and machine-washable as it is soft and luxurious. Chenille features lofty clipped yarns that give this casual fabric a plush, inviting texture.

  • Polyester chenille fabric
  • Soft hand with visible nap and rich sheen
  • Pet friendly & durable
  • Machine-washable / hang dry

Tan Chenille is a light tan or beige color with a cream sheen.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lovesac is the only major furniture company that stands behind their products with a Lifetime Guarantee. For full warranty details, please click here.

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