5 Series G Lounger with Tan Chenille Covers


  • G Lounger with Tan Chenille Covers (10 Bases, 12 Sides)
  • G Lounger with Tan Chenille Covers (10 Bases, 12 Sides)
  • Tan Chenille Sactionals
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Side View Showing Back Pillow)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Side View)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Front View)
  • Tan Chenille Base Piece (Base Frame, Seat Cushion, and Back Pillow)
  • Tan Chenille Side Cover (Exterior)
  • Tan Chenille Side Cover (Interior)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Base & Side Pieces)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Seat Cushion Detail)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Swatch)
  • Tan Chenille Covers (Swatch)
5 Series G Lounger with Tan Chenille Covers

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Product Information:

• 10 Sactionals Bases, 12 Sactionals Sides
• Dimensions: 129" Wide x 124" Deep (As Shown)
• Dimensions: 31" Wide x 26" Deep (Ottoman)
• Easy to Rearrange Pieces & Change Covers Anytime
• Machine Washable / Pet Friendly
• Lifetime Guarantee*

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Product Details

5 Series Sactionals G Lounger with Tan Chenille Covers

The G Lounger says: "I'm serious about entertaining." This massive sectional has ten bases and twelve sides that wrap around your room so all your friends can face each other and engage in game night or lively conversation. Of course, the G Lounger can be transformed into practically anything you wish, whether that's a few extra beds, separate sectional sofas, a Moonpit, a couple of Movie Loungers, or whatever creative configuration you can come up with.

What's Included:

  • 10 Base Frame Pieces & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 10 Seat Cushions & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 10 Back Pillows & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 12 Side Pieces & Tan Chenille Covers
  • 22 Wood Shoes
  • 22 Solid Steel Clamps
  • 64 Wood Peg Feet
  • Instructions

About Tan Chenille Covers

Chenille is a 100% combed polyester chenille fabric that is as stain-resistant and machine-washable as it is soft and luxurious. Inasmuch as it looks like terry, there are no loops in these strands. It comes with all of the desirable texture of a corduroy, only it is has a much deeper nap and is softer than most, combined with a proper upholstery weight with plenty of loft beneath its soft, fluffy surface.

  • Polyester chenille fabric
  • Soft hand with visible nap and rich sheen
  • Pet friendly & durable
  • Machine-washable / hang dry

Tan Chenille is a light tan or beige color with a cream sheen.

Lifetime Guarantee

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